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The Bariatric Consultancy is a specialist provider of psychologically led Tier 3 multi disciplinary weight management services for adults presenting with morbid obesity.

The focus of the business is the treatment of severe and complex morbid obesity. The Consultancy was launched in 2007 by the two founding Directors Janet Biglari and Sevim Mustafa, both Psychotherapists with over 20 years’ experience working with eating disorders and adult mental health.
Realising the complex psychological issues facing bariatric surgery patients and the need for rigorous preparation for surgical intervention, the Directors designed the first Tier 3 multi-disciplinary service model in 2008. This was subsequently commissioned by NHS Eastern Coastal Kent as a one-year pilot in 2009. Since 2009, the Consultancy have developed and delivered two large scale Tier 3 services; Why Weight for Coastal West Sussex and 4 healthy weight funded as a Kent wide service by Kent County Council. To date, over 1200 patients have accessed Tier 3 treatment and the number of patients going onto access surgical services at Tier 4 has seen a significant reduction. The Bariatric Consultancy also works with a number of Tier 4 Surgical providers offering pre surgical screening of bariatric surgery candidates and post-surgery support. The Bariatric Consultancy has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of obesity and offer a comprehensive training programme to other healthcare professionals. In 2014 TBC were awarded the contract to deliver the service across Crawley and Horsham and Mid Sussex CCGs.

The service model is unique being psychologically led. There is a growing body of evidence correlating obesity with poor mental health; often linked to childhood maltreatment. The audited results of the Consultancy’s services have answered the hypothesis that by addressing mental disturbance and low self-esteem patients are more able to understand their triggers to disordered eating and comply with dietary change. On average, TBC’s success rate shows that around 80% of patients accessing treatment lose 5% to 10% of excess body weight during the initial intensive treatment phase. TBC also have very high retention rates, with an average of 78% of patients completing treatment. TBC’s understanding of the complexity of this patient cohort is also enhanced by many of their clinicians who also work as part of Tier 4 multi-disciplinary teams.
TBC were the first provider of psychotherapists trained to work as part of Tier 4 bariatric multi-disciplinary teams providing psychological assessment and support. To date, TBC clinicians have assessed over 1500 patients for surgical weight loss. TBC deliver the psychological component through a specialist team of psychological therapists, specifically trained to deliver the 12-week intensive treatment programme and also how to work empathically with morbid obese patients. TBC’s other clinicians including dieticians and exercise professionals are also trained to work with this hard to reach patient group. TBC is fully committed to education and training. All of its Tier 3 services have been fully audited, using analysed results, as a means of continually refining the service and meeting patient needs. Developing services from start-up has enabled TBC to develop their training and education hub and disseminate this knowledge to the community. They have been able to work closely with Tier 1 and 2 in providing training, education and support.

why weight

Why Weight is delivered across Crawley and Horsham and Mid Sussex CCGs. There are a numbers of main clinic locations including Crawley, Pound Hill, Ifield, Hand Cross, Haywards Heath, Horsham and Burgess Hill. Referral is by GP.

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4 healthy weight

The 4 healthy weight service has been designed to offer a specialist approach to weight loss for people with a BMI of 35plus.

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