Consultancy Services

The Bariatric Consultancy is a recognised provider of Tier 3 services and has developed and run three large scale services that have offered treatment to over 600 patients a year.

The Consultancy developed the first Tier 3 multidisciplinary Service specification in 2008 and were by commissioned by Eastern Coastal Kent to run it as a pilot in 2009. The pilot treated 120 patients who were offered a one year intensive psychologically led intervention, combining psychological therapy, dietetics, and a specially developed exercise programme. The results of this pilot formed the basis of The Bariatric Consultancy’s on-going development of Tier 3 services. The Bariatric Consultancy have worked extensively in Tier 4 and have a team of senior consultants who specialise in the interface between Tier 3 and 4. The Bariatric consultancy now provide a consultancy service to Clinical Commissioning Groups and Trusts offering education and guidance on the complexity of obesity and its multi-disciplinary specialist treatment.

These services include:

Developing a business case for commissioning Tier 3 weight management services
Developing a Tier 3 service specification for specialist weight management
Developing a business case and service specification for Tier 5 post surgical care of complex bariatric patients
Developing a psychological therapies intervention within a Tier 3 specialist weight management service
Developing a specialist exercise programme for patients with a BMI of 35+

Consultancy services are tailored to individual requirements and are delivered by The Consultancy’s team of specialist consultants and clinicians.